Frequently Asked Questions

1- Question: How can I order?

Answer: There are products on the main page, you can click the add to cart button.

2- Question: How will the puzzles reach me?

Answer: Information about the puzzle you have purchased will be sent to your email address. If payment has been made, you can download it from the downloads section in your account.

3- Question: How will the payment be?

Answer: There are two types of payment, these are Bank Transfer and Credit Card.

4- Question: How many pieces are in the puzzle pack?

Answer: There are 30 Puzzles in each package.

5- Question: How many packs of puzzles do I need to buy?

Answer: There is no minimum requirement. You can buy a pack of puzzles or more packs of puzzles – it’s up to you.

6- Question: How do we understand puzzle names coded?

Answer: The first one is the sequence number of the puzzle, the type of the puzzle after _ and the number of frames (measure) after.

7- Question: Do I get a discount when I buy more than one package at a time?

Answer: It depends. If you purchase a Puzzle Pack (at least three packs of puzzles) all designed to be published in a single version, you will receive a discount included in the package price. There is no discount if you purchase only two puzzles for the same version. Single puzzles previously purchased for individual versions do not benefit from the discounted price.

8- Question: Does it belong to me to reprint or sell the puzzles after purchase?

Answer is no. Puzzle Services retains property rights to puzzles and other works provided by Puzzle Services. (Please see Terms and Conditions and Copyright sections.) (You can sell custom made puzzles).

9- Question: When and how do I pay for puzzles purchased from you?

Answer: In most cases, payment is required before puzzles are posted. However, this is entirely at the discretion of Puzzle Services, so the credit may be extended after a certain period of time. Payment modes include money order, most major credit cards, and Shopinext.

10- Question: What is the difference between Private and Common Puzzles?

Answer: Custom puzzles are for your broadcast only – no one else can use them. Common puzzles are sold to multiple publishers within a given time frame and may appear in different publications during that time frame.

Note: Please stay with us as more questions and answers are added to Frequently Asked Questions. By the way, if you need assistance, please use the email link sales@puzzleservices.net Thank you.

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