Puzzles for Newspapers

We provide constant crossword, word search, hook, sudoku, code word and other popular crossword as well as subscription system for local, regional and national newspapers.

Puzzles for Books

We provide content for a variety of puzzle books, from mixed puzzle books to books of single themed crosswords such as crosswords, word searches, code words, to adapting the size of the puzzle to match the composition of the page. Our book content is usually provided in ‘out-of-the-box’ format, thus eliminating the need for resetting and all of our work is checked by independent validators and proofreaders specializing in puzzles.

Journal Puzzles

Our puzzles are featured in a wide range of magazines, including community newspapers and quiz puzzles.

Puzzles for Corporate Bulletins and In-House Magazines

We provide themed puzzles for in-house magazines and company newsletters. These can be useful educational aids (always appreciated!) For internal newsletters, strengthening product / service awareness, informing customers about new products in external publications, or adding value and interest to newsletters running in the form of a competition with a small prize. Wherever possible, we add corporate colors so that the puzzle content fits on the page.

Puzzles for Marketing Brochures and Product Brochures

We provide puzzle content tailored specifically to the product and the size of the brochure or brochure, and a contest can be included if required.

Puzzles for Kids

Our puzzles for kids can be used in books and comics, and we can provide booklets to keep kids entertained on rainy days or long journeys.

Online Solving Puzzles

These are often used to add “sticky” content to websites, encourage visitors to return, and can also be used to enter competition (especially useful for corporate websites) or to increase product / service awareness.

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